Who we are

Ornitolink is an online platform designed to connect up manufacturers of technical products and equipment for industrial, building or tertiary applications with professional customers, whether it be other manufacturers, design and engineering departments, designers, architects, and so on.

Our platform is dedicated to the acoustics and ventilation sector.

We distribute specialized products on regulation, filtration, air handling, ventilation, expansion joints and noise treatment : silencers, absorbing panels, soundproof enclosures... because they are recurrently associated on complex installations.

The platform creates a direct link between manufacturers and end users, bypassing the usual intermediaries and the costs and delays they generate.

Our purpose

For the buyers:

We aim at being a resourceful and time-efficient solution for finding the right products and prices within a selection of standard or customizable options provided by experienced and qualified manufacturers.

  • Strongly referenced
  • Quality and international standards accredited
  • Significant production and human resources: production area / number of employees / machines and capacities / location
  • Proven specialist in their sector

The basket allows you to stock up products of various origins within a single order, thus customizing your own solution by assembling several compatible products.

You can also require the advice of one of our experts through the "Request for expertise" category link.

For the suppliers:

Featuring on this platform provides manufacturers with an additional way of promoting their products via web strategies, adding to their other distribution channels.

We also offer the possibility of further advertising and communication means, such as newsletters, announcements, best sales and recommendation features, etc.

It is also a way for new customers to discover them, due to the complementary nature of the featured products.

Finally, it is an opportunity for the suppliers to join a professional network, where they can connect and exchange with the other partners too.