End of year celebrations

End of year celebrations

We will be closed from 23/12/2022 to 3/01/2023 for the end of year celebrations.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you!

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 The manufacturer network for next-gen purchasing

The manufacturer network for next-gen purchasing

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Diffusion, distribution and regulation

Ventilation and air handling systems devices

Diffusion, distribution and regulation

Diffusion grilles, louvers, ventilation ducts, dampers and regulation shutters

Exhaust Silencers for diesel & gas engines, turbines...

Exhaust Silencers

For diesel & gas engines, turbines, industrial boilers

Discharge silencers and associated equipments

Industrial fans


Helicoid, centrifugal, heavy duty fans

and spares parts



A wide range of filters for primary, fine and absolute filtration Class G2 to H14 (HEPA)

Filetr media, filetr cells, filter bags, activated carbon cartridges...

for filtration of dusts, pollens, pollutants, solvents, odours...

Inlet silencers

Inlet silencers

Engines and turbines intake silencers, fans silencers, HVAC silencers

and associated equipments

Expansion joints

Expansion Joints

Fabric, Rubber or Metal designed

Acoustic and fire doors


Steel acoustic and fire doors

For industrial and building applications, a wide range of insulation capabilities

Steel panels for soundproofing, fireproofing, insulating applications

Acoustic and fireproof panels

Multipurpose steel panels

for soundproofing, fireproofing, insulating applications in industry and building

grilles and louvers for building applications

Grilles and louvers

Galvanized, aluminium and stainless steel diffusion devices

A wide choice of grilles and louvers systems in standard dimensions and customizable.