new baffles silencers

Find our new offer of baffle silencers for ventilation, air conditioning, air treatment, HVAC systems Noise reduction according to ISO 7235.

Your technical objectives:

- ensure the noise treatment of installations
- optimize energy losses and comfort
- comply with health safety & noise regulations

Your application sectors:

- HVAC and climatic engineering
- industrial premises and factories
- water chillers, air condensers
- cooling towers
- air handling units, HVAC systems
- tertiary buildings: hospitals, sports halls ...
- technical buildings
- individual and collective housing
- professional kitchens.
- parking lots

Your partner:, the manufacturer network for next-gen purchasing

The originality of our approach is to pool complementary expertise in order to propose attractive prices products, directly online.

We work with specialists in the design and manufacture of

- ventilation components and systems, ventilation ducts, ventilation grilles…
- air extraction systems
- industrial silencers
- absorbent baffles
- anti-vibration equipment
- aerial noise and structure-borne noise treatment

They share a solid experience and key customers references in industry and tertiary sector.

They have cutting edge equipment, and powerful tools for mechanical and acoustic dimensioning calculations.

They have implemented a quality management system that meets the requirements of the international ISO 9001 standard.

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