silencer attenuation

This is the most often asked question about our new ventilation silencer range.


For a better understanding, the overall attenuation of our silencers is calculated on the basis of a pink noise source. That is, an identical sound pressure level on all frequencies by octave band

“A-weighting” is applied by octave band to provide a single “A-weighted” value as input in dB(A) noise Each octave band is respectively reduced by silencer attenuation values

The global resultant noise level is calculated by addition of each band, using logarithmic method.


The silencer performance value is the difference between global input noise and global resultant noise in dB(A)


Any questions about noise calculation ways are always welcome on our website.


In order to propose a range of silencers with performance values at factory prices, we have selected the most optimized solution combining acoustic, pressure drop and induced noise.


For dedicated design including specific dimensions, air flow and attenuation, our experts are at your disposal.


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