Acoustic baffles with expanded metal
Acoustic baffles with expanded metal - sketch
Acoustic baffles with expanded metal
Acoustic baffles with expanded metal - sketch

Acoustic splitter with expanded metal protection

Sound attenuator splitter,  Ornitolink 250004000 type

High air speed sound absorbing module dedicated to reduce the noise in air duct networks, air conditioning systems, battery storage container cooling systems, engine and gas turbines ventilation systems

- Length from 300 mm to 2200 mm

- Width from 300 mm to 1 800 mm

- Thickness from 100 mm to 200 mm

Noise attenuation splitters made of galvanized steel frame and filled with rock wool protected by glass cloth and expanded metal, air speed until 20 m/s

€58.99  / unit.
Delivered within 2 weeks
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Standard acoustic baffles dedicated to noise attenuation in ventilation and air-conditioning systems for indoor climate, battery storage containers, electrical motors, engines and gas turbines

This acoustic splitter can be inserted into metal ducts or fixed into a wall frame.



- Frame :

  . Galvanized steel Z275 with rounded edge

  . Thickness 6/10, reinforced by grooving and bending. 

  . Inner steel support for length up to 1 500 mm

  . Assembled with rivets

- Internal :

  . Rockwool panel

  . density 50kg/m3

  . Inorganic, imputrescible, waterproof and resistant

  . Fire rating Euroclass : A1

  . External surface coated with bonded fiber glass cloth

  . Expanded metal sheet protection on each side

Optional variant : woven glass cloth available.

On demand : Stainless steel or painting



- Thickness : 100, or 200 mm

- Length : 300 to 2 400 mm

- Width : 300 to 1 800 mm



- max. air flow speed <20 m/s



- These products have been tested by an independent laboratory in accordance with EN ISO 7235



- Cost saving solution

- Manufactured at your dimensions

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galvanized carbon steel Z275
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