Mini pleat filter
E10 Curve
Mini pleat filter
E10 Curve

Mini pleat absolute filter E10-H13-H14 & incinerable H14

Glass micro fiber minipleat filter for Absolute filtration

€95.38  / unit.
Delivered within 2 to 6 weeks
Classification EN
Dimensions Width - lenght - Thickness

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.


Mini pleat micro fiber filter high efficiency

- Ventilation and conditioning in the electronics, pharmaceutics, photographic and food industry.

- Atmosphere control in hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, diffuser ceiling lights, decontaminated environments,data processing center.

- Air treatment systems with a high sterility, as required in places such as operating rooms and clinical laboratories.


Fabrication (For minimum manufacturing quantity, please ask)

- Composition glass micro fiber

- Frame Chipboard or galvanized steel

- Thickness 78 mm to 292 mm


- From E10 to H14 (EN1822 : 2010)

All filters are accompanied by their individual testing certificate.


- Advisable cross speed from 0,7 m/s to 1,5 m/s

- Maximum temperature 70°C

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