Anti vibration support for medium and very heavy loads, square support, four springs

Low frequency damping support with four metal springs to avoid transferred vibrations to the structure from a floor standing machinery

- Square plates with centering studs

- Loads from 140 to 4 800 kg

- Cutoff frequency 2,3 Hz to 5 Hz

Anti-vibration decoupling supports for rotating machines of all types, generators, air handling units, fans, pumps

€595.30  / unit.
Delivered within 2 to 6 weeks


Spring support with square plates dedicated to stop vibration transmissions in the cases of medium and very heavy loads

Ground installation to support all type of rotating machines



- 4 high-strength steel springs that can withstand contiguous turns. C1 class NFA 47.301 standard

- 8 cups with centering cores on which the springs are press fitted

- 2 base plates (-AM) covered with a sheet of 3mm thick neoprene for grip. The springs are protected by a black polyester epoxy paint. Mechanical parts zinc coated (bi-chromating treatment)

- Height 126mm to 186mm according to performances



Ambient conditions: -40 ° C to + 60 ° C



- For outdoor installation (to be specified when ordering), galvanized mounting parts version galvanized

- Pre-stressed version


Applications :

- This product is dedicated for for the assembly of any equipment requiring a high vibratory isolation

- It is especially recommended for installation of rotating machines of all types : generators, air handling units, fans, compressors, pumps.



- Depending on the models and the static loads, the natural frequencies of these media are between 2.3 and 5 Hz, which gives them a very high power filtering, even for machines turning very low speeds

- Abacuses are shown on data sheet giving vertical movements and natural frequencies of the different models depending on the supported load.

Product Details


Data sheet

zingued carbon steel
epoxy paint

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